Aorta Enlargement?

Answer The aorta, the largest artery in the body, supplies oxygen-filled blood throughout the body. Once the aorta enlarges, it loses its ability to contract and relax when blood is pumped. Aorta enlargem... Read More »

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Can the AORTA actually be replaced......?

Regina - Medical people commonly refer to the aorta by its 3 major parts. Starting at the heart, they are the "arch of the aorta or aortic arch," "the thoracic aorta," in the chest cavity, and the... Read More »

Main branches of aorta?

What do you want to know ;; about branches of aorta ?

What is tortuosity of the thoratic aorta?

Very few people (about 22%) have the 'tidy' arrangement of blood vessels coming out of their heart, that is shown in anatomy textbooks.The biggest of these blood vessels is the Aorta; in the textbo... Read More »

Should I cross clamp the descending aorta?

No, duh! Do you know what the descending aorta does? Maybe you do and this is a joke.