Anyway to save my memory card?

Answer Buy a memory card reader. It's a small device in which you put your micro sd memory card and attach it to your PC by cable (it works like a scanner:) ). To save your money and time, check your memo... Read More »

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Can you save FF7 on a PS2 memory card?

Original PlayStation game data, such as Final Fantasy VII, will not save to a PlayStation 2 memory card, just as PlayStation 2 data won't save to an original memory card. The card in use must match... Read More »

How do I save BBM conversations to my memory card?

You should click menu while in that chat room and should be able to find "copy chat" and when you click that it should say "copied to clipboard"

How to Save Wii Games to Memory Card?

The Wii can be modified (or "modded") to enable it to run programs not sanctioned by Nintendo. The modification allows the Wii's operating system to perform many tasks that otherwise wouldn't be po... Read More »

Can you save maps on an Xbox 360 memory card?

On the Xbox 360, you can store maps and any other downloaded content to the memory unit. However, the Xbox 360 memory unit is only 512 MB, and many map packs will take up at least 1 GB of space. Xb... Read More »