Anyway to keep my beer cold at my room?

Answer Get a refrigerator,

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Should beer be served cold or at room temp?

there are 2 answers here and both are perfectly valid in England you drink you beer warm and in Australia you drink it icy cold. its a social thing . Warm beer would make Australians puke and very ... Read More »

I caught a cold...Can I work out anyway or should I rest until the cold is gone?

You should ease off on the exercise until your cold is gone. But you can knock out that cold pretty quick by eating chewable vitamin C tablets. They taste delicious, and you should be able to get... Read More »

If I keep the refrigerator door opened and switch it on, will the entire room get cold?

No. The air immediately in front of the opened door will be cooler but, take a look at the back of your refrigerator. That grill is there to release the heat taken from inside the refrigerator into... Read More »

Do plants grow better in cold light room or warm dark room?

Well, I'd say the cold light room because light provides some heat, while heat doesn't provide light. And most need both to live.