Anything writes in Wikipedia %100 true ?

Answer 51% true, and that's being generous.In the infamous Nature study, Wikipedia was given a lot of handicaps in the hopes that it would beat Britannica for accuracy. According to the experts Nature con... Read More »

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Who writes wikipedia?

Mostly people who don't know what they're talking about but think they know everything. Anyone can be an "author" on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is supposed to be collaborative, harnessing the collective ... Read More »

Who writes for Wikipedia?

Who writes stuff on Wikipedia?

There is no one "author" on Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia allows anyone to edit information on the pages. Because of this, it is impossible to find an author.

Who writes wikipedia's articles?

Theoretically, absolutely anyone can write a Wikipedia article.In an ideal world, only people who know something about the article's subject would write those articles. If you don't know anything a... Read More »