Anything that will help my throat?

Answer First, i would suggest that you see a doctor to make sure that your airways are clear and you are not in any danger of not being able to breathe.If your throat is feeling like a sore throat, i woul... Read More »

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My gums hurt and i don't want to go to a dentist or get antibotics. anything i can use at home that will help?

im not trying to be rude. but theres nothing else than antibiotics. if you try to do anything at home it may get worse. my mom had the same problem. sometimes antibiotics will work or maybe they nu... Read More »

Will drinking tea help my sore throat?

Sure. Green Tea is a good tea for helping your sore throat. However, you should look at the causes of your sore throat. For general overall minor aggregation within the throat you should take Horeh... Read More »

Will tea actually help my sore throat?

drink only herbal tea (lemon and honey)...not the caffeine kind...take zince, vitamin C and echinacea get plenty of rest and liquids (water and REAL orange juice and grapefruit time ta... Read More »

Ugghh, my throat is KILLING me. What will help!?

Cepacol spray, any spray that numbs.Try gargling with very warm salt water.Drink tea with honey and lemon.Buy some cough drops with menthol in themHot water with lemon, lots of it.Sip some blackbe... Read More »