Anything i should know about braces?

Answer Let me tell you this. It will take about a month for your tounge and lips to get used to the metal wires and straps in your mouth. Nothing really special to look for. There is though a special type... Read More »

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Colors for braces, if you don't know anything about colors on braces LEAVE NOW!?

Im getting braces tomarrow anything i should know?

you should be happy you are getting them at your age cuz you will have them off by the time you are 15/16many people get their braces on at 15/16 and are embarrassed they have to get them off when ... Read More »

What are some things I should know about braces?

I'm not gonna lie they hurt. After a few weeks you wont be able to feel them. You can't eat hard or chewy foods. Or even soda but honestly I don't think anyone really listens to that. Usually you g... Read More »

Hey, i'm new, is there anything i should know about this section?

nope, half of your answers will be smart a** ones, so don't take them seriously. you can't write bad swear words or put people down or they will delete your question or answer. have fun, it's a goo... Read More »