Anyone who uses microsoft word, I need help?

Answer The solution is fine.However when I print it prints without removing the link. There is no reason for why it would not print with link!!

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I need help with microsoft word?

what u need to do is call a computer wiz.

I need Microsoft Works Word help!?

Ben, If you are using Word 2007you go to your "Page Layout Tab".Once you have that open you look for the "Page Setup" which should be in between "Themes" and "Page Background" In "Page Setup" you s... Read More »

Microsoft Word, simple problem need help?

If you haven't already show the rulers[above the RH scroll bar there is a little box "View Rulers"] Click on it. The LH side of the top ruler has â–¼(upper [first line indent]) â–² (lower [left i... Read More »

Does anybody know were i can download microsoft word becasue I need it for a report. I only have word perfect?

First of all, you are not supposed to download Microsoft Word from anywhere because it is not free. You have to buy. So feel free to go to your nearest electronics/computer accessories and tell t... Read More »