Anyone who uses Aspartame or Nutra Sweet?

Answer Don't use the garbage period. There's been a huge movement in this country to get this stuff banned. All of the above (and more) is true. It's also been documented that diet drinks are so addictive... Read More »

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How to Use Nutra Nail?

Nutra Nail offers many products for women's nail care. Before using any of them, you need to know what benefit you are looking for from Nutra Nail so you can purchase the best product for your need... Read More »

Does Nutra Nail work?

User reviews posted on are extremely positive, with most Nutra Nail products receiving four or five stars (out of five). According to the website, Nutra Nail products ... Read More »

Does all chewing gum have aspartame?

Not all chewing gum contains the sugar-free substitute aspartame, which may cause damage to the brain and nervous system. Some gum is sweetened with sugar, or another sweetener by the name of xylit... Read More »

Has anyone had aspartame poisoning?

Yes. There is even a web site to help victims of aspartame poisoning. This is incredibly bad stuff. There is a very plausible link between aspartame consumption and Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's... Read More »