Anyone who knows about browsers?

Answer Google chrome is fast and its got a spell checker built in the same as many other browsers apart from IE9.As for security, other browsers are secure but Google Chrome is unhackable. Thats not my op... Read More »

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Are there any other web browsers than..?

Why does windows not allow other web browsers?

i have Firefox, Chrome and Pale Moon and they all co-exist well with IE. is it possible that you need administrator rights to run them?

How do I use two browsers on the same computer?

Install a second browser. Windows comes with Internet Explorer, which you can use as your first browser. Go to the website of the second browser you want to use and click on the download link. Save... Read More »

Can two browsers be used on the same computer?

You can install as many Web browsers as you like on one computer. However, Windows only allows one browser to be considered the default browser, which is the one that Windows uses when you click a ... Read More »