Anyone wear Braces on their teeth?

Answer Hey my name is Alisa too =)

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How do celebrities get their teeth fixed without braces?

some get veneers, which is when fake teeth are like caps and are placed and glued ontop of your own, some get invisalign/braces like invisible braces or behind the teeth braces so you cant see them... Read More »

How to Make Your Teeth Whiter When You Wear Braces?

Are your teeth going yellow with fixed braces?Have you got sore bleeding gums? Read this and see the improvement!

How long do you have to wear braces to fix a gap in your teeth and is there anything else that will fix them?

AnswerHow long depends on lots of things, but 2 years is average. Althought if a gap is the only thing that needs "fixed", it will probably be much shorter. You could also possibly have the gap fix... Read More »

How long does an adult have to wait to get braces after getting their wisdom teeth pulled?

The bottom answer is not totally correct.You must wait at least a few weeks, preferably 3 months, before getting braces in order to let the gums and the bone heal properly before putting on braces.... Read More »