Anyone want to wish me luck as im going into hospital next week.?

Answer Keep your chin up hun....we're all wishing you well and get back to us all soon Good Luck

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Right every1 im going to quit smoking tomorrow please wish me luck?

Right now is a great time to quit, I waited till I was 47now I had Lung Cancer that now has moved to theBrain. Trust in God is what has got me throughit all G... Read More »

Anyone have luck going to a chiropractor?

Make sure that you are going to someone totally honest. I have been going to a chiropractor for 5 years after an extremely painful lower back muscle spasm. I have never left his office in pain, n... Read More »

Major surgery 'booked' for next week.Now they call & say forgot to book hospital.What should I do10 points.?

I would make some more calls, maybe directly to the doctor, maybe something can be done. This just seems to major to me for them to just say they'll fit you in later. If the hospital refuses to do ... Read More »

Who is going to leave next week on American idol?

=== The next person to leave on American Idol is going to be Matt Giraud! Definetly! He is not as good as a singer as anyone else. === They are already up to the top 5 and Matt has to go!