Anyone want to tell me what is wrong with my toe?

Answer Life is full of bumps and pains my father once told me. If this thing doesn't go away in a few days, or if you can see swelling in the lymph nodes in the inside of your thighs, then it's infected ... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my computer?

There a lots of weird things wrong with me... Could anyone tell me what it is?

Can anyone tell me possibly whats wrong with the back of my knee/leg?

It's suspicious for ligament damage or possibly a hamstring strain or tear. Other possibilities include more chronic issues such as a popliteal cyst or arthritis that has flared up from the basebal... Read More »

Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong?

Me, too, dear one. I don't go there often enough to know anything. Merry Christmas!!By the have one of the best avatars I've ever seen. I love it.