Anyone up for some Food/Drink Multiple Choice?

Answer ) Which from this list do you liek better when your very Thirsty? A) LemonadeB) Iced TeaC) WaterD) PepsiLemonade (Fizzy)2) Which Vegetable from this list would you like to have right now? A) CornB)... Read More »

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Anyone up for some Food Multiple choice?

Hi Scooter, hope yer OK,I'll say Skim Milk, but apple flavor milk might be enjoyable?All but prunes, though i know they have their place as shriveled plumsAll but CB best. I always wondered how the... Read More »

Does anyone have the multiple choice answers for APUSH?

Some help with drivers course questions, MULTIPLE CHOICE for my learners permit?

Q#1 Should INCREASE the distance. Decrease means you get closer. not sure on Q2, not a good questionNot sure on Q3, that should be in the book some where. Q4 is correct, motorcycles are affected... Read More »

Is the cdl test multiple choice?

The CDL test, or Commercial Driver's License test, contains a combination of multiple choice and true/false questions. There are separate tests for other licenses, such as transporting hazardous ma... Read More »