Anyone up for naming your favorite food/drink survey Details inside->?

Answer 1) Name your favorite Breakfast. -Sausage, Hasbrowns, and Bacon along with an apple :)2)Lunch. -A chicken burrito with beans and rice :)3) Dinner -Spagehtti with garlic bread :)4) Desert -Brownie!5... Read More »

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Short Ethnic Food Survey anyone Which is your favorite Ethnic foods?

1: Japanese2: ...Hmm...American/Canadian3: Thai!!4: Indian5: MexicanI'm part Polish, part Ukranian, part Indian (so part Asian =D ), part English/British (how I can do the accent so well..), ..and ... Read More »

Anyone willing to pay this much amount of money for these following foods/drinks Details inside->?

No way, not even if I had all the money in the world! I think it's ridiculous that people pay $1000 for an omelet or a sundae while there are millions of people dying from starvation in the world..... Read More »

To my contacts and fans,what is your view on this details inside?

You are also lucky to have such a wife who respects you so much.

Survey: How clean and neat do you keep the inside of your car?

When I first got my car in highschool, I would clean it out weekly, wash it weekly. I never left anything in the car. That all changed when I went off to college. I never felt like taking anything ... Read More »