Anyone up for another True/False FoodSurvey?

Answer 1) you like Olive Loaf. -- [NOT SURE.] Goodness, Scooter! You always get me on at least one food in each of your food surveys that I've never had before! lol 2) You dislike Radishes. -- [FALSE.] I ... Read More »

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Anyone up for another simple Food Survey?

Blueberry pancakesChocolate MilkCauliflowerFried ChickenStrawberriesFrosted flakes

Anyone up for another short Food survey?

potato salad is da bombpizza and garlicspicyplumsveggie

Can anyone give me another word for "buffet"?

how about Brunch.. light breakfast/lunch orcanapes/refreshmentsor luncheon.. or autumnal feast

Anyone know of another Aiptek A-HD Camcorder deal in NYC?

go to J&R world in nyc, manhattan. They have great deals over there. alot cheaper than bestbuy or circuit city.