Anyone up for another Food/Drink True/False Survey?

Answer 1) You are able to eat 4 slices of Pizza in one sitting-Yes 2) You like Mayonnaise-No. 3) You eat Cereal at night sometimes-Yes4) You dislike Grape Soda-Yes 5) You like Hamburger with Jalapenos-No6... Read More »

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How to unlock the webpage wihout doing the survey and does the survey harmful to my pc?

The surveys you take result in a lot of spam mail that may lead to phishing scams and virusesTo bypass the surveys what you can do is "hack" the site. Just view the source code and find the links t... Read More »

How to Survey Using Trimble R8 Survey Equipment?

Follow these tips to help set up your surveying equipment so you can quickly get the job done.

!¡! This or That Survey 13?

Ketchup - well actually I prefer mayo, but okay.Food.Cartoons make me feel relaxed.Ice Cream.Snow.Type.IM.Red.Bacon - but I'm vegan, so, uh, yeah. xD

!¡! This or That Survey 16?