Anyone up for a simple short Food/Drink survey?

Answer 1)Lemonade2)Turkey and cheese3)Garlic4)Cashews :)5)CHOCOLATE eclair pie6)Grape juice

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Anyone up for a simple short Food survey?

1) White Rice or Brown Rice? Brown Rice2) Squash? Or Sweet Potato? Sweet Potato3) Pork Chops? or Fried Chicken? Fried Chicken4) Pears? Or Apples? Apples5) French Fries? Or Onion Rings? Oni... Read More »

Simple short type of Movie survey anyone?

1) Comedy or Adventure? -Comedy2) Crime/gangster or Drama? -Drama3) Action or Western? -Action4) Sci Fi or Musical? -Musical5) War or Epic? -Epic6) Family or Horror? -FamilyNiceeee Survey!

Anyone up for a simple Drink survey?

Merci beaucoup pour faire étoile tous mes questions français!(Thanks very much for starring all my French questions!) 1) Grape juice2) Orange juice3) Pineapple juice4) Bottled5) I've never tried ... Read More »

Simple Food Survey anyone?

best survey yet!1) Favorite Breakfast: any fruit (right now I like frozen blueberries)2) Favorite Lunch: ek! I never eat lunch3) Favorite Dinner: either pasta w/ turkey meatballs or tuna on whole w... Read More »