Anyone up for a simple Snacks survey?

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I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party in mid-October. Any ideas for simple finger foods/snacks?

Oh have fun with your show. I am a consultant and love it when hosts do more then rely on just me to provide all the food.Chips and salsa is a good idea, finger sandwiches (just take a regular san... Read More »

Simple Food Survey anyone?

best survey yet!1) Favorite Breakfast: any fruit (right now I like frozen blueberries)2) Favorite Lunch: ek! I never eat lunch3) Favorite Dinner: either pasta w/ turkey meatballs or tuna on whole w... Read More »

Anyone up for a simple Baby Name Survey?

Hey, Scooter! I love when you do your baby name surveys. :) 1) Akasha or Akira? ~ AKIRA2) Acacia or Araceli? ~ ACACIA3) Ramona? or Racquel? ~ RAMONA4) Salvatore? or Savon? ~ SALVATORE5) Fynn? or Fe... Read More »

Simple drink survey anyone?

1) Tap Water or Bottled Water? Bottled Water2) Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee? Neither3) Hot Tea? or Iced Tea? Hot Tea4) Regular Soda or Diet Soda? Regular 5) Lemonade or Pink Lemonade? Pink - a bit swe... Read More »