Anyone up for a short Seafood survey?

Answer 1. Fried fish, tastes better2. Shrimp3. Crab, lobster's too hard to crack open!4. Clams5. Never had either but I've heard calamari is good6. SalmonMmm, love seafood. We're going out for lunch in a ... Read More »

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Short Drink survey anyone?

1) Neither. I only like diet.2) Diet Coke would be my first choice, but both are good. 3) Sprite4) Sunkist6) Sierra Mist:)

Anyone up for a short Cereal survey?

1) Cheerios2) Total3)Cocoa Pebbles4) Lucky Charms5) Frosted Flakes6) Honey Nut CheeriosGoodnight to you too.

Anyone up for a short Food survey?

1) Toast with Butter or Bagel with Butter? ~ Bagel with butter2) Orange Juice or Pomegranate Juice? ~ Orange juice3) Artichoke or Cauliflower? ~ Artichoke!!!!!4) Eggs with Cheese or French Fries w... Read More »

Anyone up for a short Food/Drink survey?

1) Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider? Hot chocolate for sure! It is one of my favorite drinks but I rarely have it because I always get coffee in the morning. I like apple cider but I never pick it ... Read More »