Anyone up for a True/False Breakfast Survey?

Answer 1) You dislike Bagel with Melted Cheese - False2) You like Blueberry Muffin - True3) You like Frosted Flakes Cereal - True4) You dislike Ham & Eggs - False5) You dislike Toast with Butter & Jelly -... Read More »

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Anyone up for a Breakfast survey?

1) bacon & eggs2) cheerios3) chocolate croissant4) wheaties5) both 6) both7) shredded wheat8) both 9) buttered english muffin10) fruit salad that was yummy, goodnight Scooter~

Survey:Which fruit juice do you drink with your breakfast?

I can't. I just drink water with breakfast..Being that i'm a diabetic, fruit juice sends my blood glucose levels in to craziness.

Anyone up for rating Breakfast foods On a rating of 0-10 how do u rate these Breakfast Foods from this list?

1) Cheerios ~ 52) Bacon & Eggs ~ 63) Hash Browns ~ 64) Oatmeal ~ 85) Cinnamon Roll ~ 96) Croissant ~ 47) Fruit Salad ~ 108) Corn Flakes ~ 89) Bagel with Cream Cheese ~ 810) Pancakes ~ 1:)

Anyone up for a BreadBagel Survey?

Oh, delicious carbs :)1) White bread2) Wheat bread3) Bread bowl4) Everything Bagel5) Onion Bagel