Anyone up for a Sandwich True/ False Survey?

Answer i love your surveys lol!1. false! i find grilled cheese sandwiches really gross2. true - i hate bologna3. false, don't like pastrami4. FALSE! peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the one of the m... Read More »

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True or False; A sandwich without Mayo isn't a sandwich at all?

lmaovery true!Don't be a hater D:edit- It was a bad day and I was pmsing lol D: D:

True or false You like Apple Juice True or false u dislike Tea. True or False. You like Root Beer?

1. True! 2. FALSE! LOVE tea!3. Yes! But I prefer a Cream Soda Float over a Root beer float :)

Anyone up for a True/False Breakfast Survey?

1) You dislike Bagel with Melted Cheese - False2) You like Blueberry Muffin - True3) You like Frosted Flakes Cereal - True4) You dislike Ham & Eggs - False5) You dislike Toast with Butter & Jelly -... Read More »

Anyone up for a True/False Food Survey?

Mornin Scooter1. False2. true3. um true, (raw)4. false5. true6. true (again, raw)