Anyone up for a Random FoodTrue/False Survey?

Answer 1) You like Ox tailFALSE.2) You dislike Frog Legs.TRUE3) You like Red Snapper. FALSE4) You dislike Pineapple SlicesFALSE5) You like Lettuce & Tomatoes on your Sandwiches. TRUE6) You dislike Cream C... Read More »

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Random Survey...( ~ 8*?

Okay...I'm bored too, so I'm going to answer!!! and I'm going to make my answers really long...just to let you know...1)age- I am in the 10th grade (sophomore) but I am 14 years old because I skipp... Read More »

Very Random Survey.....?

Are you on a computer or laptop now?- My new laptop, I love it!What country are you in? The US of AWhat time is it there?- 8:02 pmWhat accent do you have?- New YorkHow old are you?- 15What are your... Read More »

Random little Survey :)?

1. Imagine you found out you are pregnant today. What's the first thing you do?~Freak right the F out. NOT ready for another baby yet.2. What did you want to be when you were a kid?~A veterinarian.... Read More »

Just a random Jonas Survey?

1) Which one is your favorite?All 3 are my favorites, wait all 4. Even Bonus Jonas! 2) Which one has the best hair?Awh man, umm I think Joe! =) 3) Which one has the best eyes?Kevin!4) Which one has... Read More »