Anyone think that Online dating is stupid?

Answer I know a lot of people who have used it successfully, but you need to be CAREFUL!!

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Does anyone else think that IPads are stupid?

Yeah there so STUPID! basicaly there a giant ipod. So dummb.. There so stupd its like people who buy them must be dumb cuz theres nothing but a giant ipod.

Does anyone else think its stupid that you get negative points for asking questions?…

Anyone else think myspace is stupid and pointless?

YES! i had one because my friend asked me to try it and i admit it was fun at first...but then i realized how stupid it was. i mean its not even reality anymore. its almost kind of creepy how peopl... Read More »

Does anyone else think this is stupid?

It is not a stupid idea. I used to drive buses at Disney and you don't know how many times I have heard parents make that statement. I have always suggested that they start circulating petitions ... Read More »