Anyone that has gotten healed from Fibromialgia?

Answer i have been taking this supplement corvalen and had reiki sessions and i haven'd had any muscle aches since.corvalen you can buy online. it is a ribose sugar that you mix with water. The ribose hel... Read More »

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Should My Foot be Healed Already?

It's not true what they told you. A bad sprain with torn ligaments takes 10 years to heal completely. Which means that it hurts for 10 years. It get's a little better every year but still hurts non... Read More »

When someone has a cast on their leg, how will they know when its healed?

An untrained person may have an idea of whether a broken bone is healed or not, but an orthopedic surgeon can tell with an examination that may or may not include xrays the exact status of the inju... Read More »

Nose piercing healed?

Maybe, depends. Antibiotics are always helpful but you never can be too sure. Keep doing the sea salt soaks just incase of anything.

What products healed your acne?

well i use clean & clear foaming facial cleanser its an orange bottle and its really good and cheap u can buy anywhere walgreens cvs or jewel..also proactive