Anyone that has gotten healed from Fibromialgia?

Answer i have been taking this supplement corvalen and had reiki sessions and i haven'd had any muscle aches since.corvalen you can buy online. it is a ribose sugar that you mix with water. The ribose hel... Read More »

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Anyone accepted before 11am 1/18 still have by 2/7 refund message Anyone gotten any information from IRS?

I filed using turbotax on 1/17 and was accepted by the IRS on 1/19 and the where's my refund site says to expect a direct deposit by January31, 2012.

Has anyone even gotten ergot poisoning from beer?

Yes but its not something to worry about today. I was surprised to find anything at all containing a reference to beer and ergot.… Read More »

Has anyone every gotten sick from eating moldy bread?

Has anyone else gotten a friend request from jessica novik on facebook?

There's a chain letter going around about how if you get a request from Jessica Novik (and one other person that I know of) you're not supposed to accept it because you'll get a virus. This is not ... Read More »