Anyone taken gaurana pills before?

Answer They make me feel kind of jittery

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Has anyone ever accused you of taking too many happy pills in one day before?

Bullwinkle, I am so glad you are in touch with your feminine side ;O) Too many happy pills...lmao. Now who would say such a thing?!

Is it ok to have your wisdom teeth taken out while pregnant and taking iron pills?

That is up to your dentist and ob/gyn. They will both probably say to wait until the baby is born, but it's possible that they will both say it's OK for you. Answer It is better to wait after you h... Read More »

Diabetics only: How many shots/pills/finger pricks have you taken in your life of being diabetic?

I've been type one for twenty five years now and i've done aproximately 45,625 shots with aproximately 54,750 blood tests over that time. The phrase "human pin cushion" comes to mind. trying now... Read More »

How can i stop a cold before it starts, without any pills or vitamins?

Homeopathic Remedies for InIluenza/Cold/Catarrh/Coryza :-INFLUENZA :-Head remedy; restlessness with prostration and excessive thirst at short intervals Arsenic Alb.30, every 4 hourly Intercurrent r... Read More »