Anyone stick toothbrushes up there nose ?

Answer uh, Nooooooooo.

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Do you sometimes stick your nose into where it's not wanted?

*coughs coughs coughs coughs coughs* Oooo! I say.....*gags chokes* Nasty business bbbbrrrrrr!

How far do doctors stick the flu mist in your nose?

The intranasal flu mist vaccines come in a special spray apparatus that is used to administer the mist into the nose. It goes into the nose about an inch (or less in small children), since the mi... Read More »

If i stick a carrot up my nose will it clear my sinuses?

only if you put mustard on the end before you do it. only english mustard now!!!!!!!!!

Is the force of an aeroplane nose diving bigger than the force of the pilot pushing the stick?