Anyone remember these sodas form the late 50's and 60's?

Answer Yes, also Vernors Ginger Ale, Hires Root Beer, and a cherry coke was made by adding cherry syrup to the coke which was hand made. Also at one time from Lil Abner, wasn't there Kickapoo Joy Juice?

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Do you remember These sodas Kick Cola Lime Ricky Orange crush with orange peals In the bottle ?

Orange crush is a product of Coca-Cola... it is still around, mostly in glass bottles (still!)It came out about the same time as SquirtI have never heard of Kick Cola or Lime Ricky... but I bet the... Read More »

Do sugar-free or diet sodas have the same effect on teeth that regular sodas do?

The lack of sugar means they will not cause decay, but they tend to be more acidic. The acid can cause erosion if consumed too frequently. Basically, they are both as bad, and should be consumed in... Read More »

Anyone remember that kids sci-fi show, late 70's early 80's.?

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