Anyone recommend anything for extremely dry lips?

Answer i have really dry lips and i use… really helped:)

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Can anyone recommend me anything for a wart?

You wont believe this but use duct tape for one week.It was on CBS morning show two days ago.They swear it works.

Home Remedies for Extremely Chapped Lips?

Dry, chapped lips are often painful and sometimes embarrassing, but you do not need a store-bought lip balm on hand to treat your lips or begin the healing process. Many home remedies for dry, chap... Read More »

What can I do for extremely chapped, bleeding lips?

You should try some special kinds of Blistex, or a good idea would be to got to your local store, look in the pharmacy section and look for some products for extremely chapped & bleeding lips. Here... Read More »

Quick over night remedies for EXTREMELY chapped lips?

Wear carmex or vaseline before you go to bed every night and then once again in the morning and then you'll find that the healing effects will kick in.