Anyone recommend a wine for a beginner?

Answer I don't know what city or town you might be in, but if you are located where there is a Trader Joe's store, they have wine called Chariot San Giovese. It's a red wine, and it's not the low end wine... Read More »

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What camera would you recommend for a beginner?

Can anyone recommend good sites and books for beginner gardeners?

Some sites you may find of some help: BBC Gardening, and Better Homes and Gardens.I do consults with fledgling gardeners all the time and the biggest problem that I can see that people make, is t... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a nice digital camera for a beginner Thanking you in advance for your help.?

i recommend vitatar digital camera i have one and it takes good photos day or night it has a built in flash

Can anyone recommend a tai chi exercise DVD for me. I'm a beginner and need a good priced quality video.?

Amazon has a good selection - most have good users review/ratings.