Anyone own a pc and a video camcorder?

Answer You can buy a USB card and put it in a spare PCI slot on your desktop PC, or buy a PCMCIA or Express card if you've got a laptop. But, USB has been fitted as standard on PCs for a long time now - ... Read More »

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Can anyone suggest a video camcorder, under £150 that is suitable for a ski trip as well as general use?

camcorders are bit expensive, try the sony cybershot 12.1 megapixel camera its good for video recording you get 1080 x 720 HD its $160 at bestbuy its worth it for a ski trip get a case thats suited... Read More »

Does anyone know where to buy cable to charge my Sony Video camcorder It uses the 7.2V battery and is model n?

Hi Jessica,The cord to charge your battery is only supplied by Sony.The cheap alternative is a separate charger. Than youyou can use 2 batteries, 1 on your cam and 1 in the charger.That way you'll ... Read More »

Camcorder Speacialist: What low cost camcorder can video tape in dim light?

Hi "September": The term "low cost" is a relative term. Low cost to Donald Trump or Mark Cuban might be a few thousand dollars. Camcorders run anywhere from $50-$50,000 USD (and more!). If you gi... Read More »

Can I import video on a MininDv from my Camcorder through an S-Video conection on my laptop?

Most S-video connections on a laptop are for output to a TV monitor. You cannot import video through this. Normally high speed video is not sent through USB. The snapshots taken with the camcorder ... Read More »