Anyone like popeye's Chuicken and chueches Chicken?

Answer I love Popeye's red beans and rice, with the spicey chicken (juicy thighs and wings) where you can actually see some of the cayenne pepper when you bite into juicy and so good, and that cri... Read More »

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KFC , Popeyes, Church's or Cluckies Which has the best chicken?

I think KFC does. Excellent fried chicken.

Best chicken:Popeyes, KFC, or your local favorite.?

KFC Sucks...Popeyes is really good. Although, I am a wimp and order the Mild chicken. I love Popeyes side orders...Where else in the fast food industry can you get 'Red Beans 'n' Rice'? Jambalaya? ... Read More »

Do u like popeyes or kfc better?

kfc used to be the bomb before pepsi bought them up, now i think popeyes, kfc, taste pretty much the same, its not that good, and i dont like eating it too often

Does anyone else like Cold Fried Chicken in the middle of the night?

Just like pizza, I actually like fried chicken better when it's cold. My husband thinks that disgusting, but who asked him anyway?