Anyone knows about copies of brands such as NOKLA agaist Nokia etc?

Answer There are companies out there that make cheap imitation products. They make up a name that is very similar to a quality brand and hope the buyer doesn't notice the difference. I would stay away f... Read More »

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My Nokia 5800 camara now takes a very blurry pictures with Flash, does anyone knows how to fix it?

Replace the camera part, usually its lens is dirty or blurred

I need help from anyone with a JVC HD Camcorder or anyone who knows about MOI nad MOD files or converting them?

The files from the JVC HDD camcorders are already in mpeg2 format, but with .mod file extensions. You only need to copy over the .mod files to your computer and rename them to .mpg files. Then th... Read More »

Are there any upcoming baseball signings in NYC and also if anyone knows if current and retired players are going to be appearing at NYC loations such as ESPN ZONE?

Dave Righetti and Jim Abbot are both going to the Last Licks Ice Cream store on 245 East 93rd Street on August 15th this year, they both are going from 11:00 to 12:30. Dave Righetti is signings pho... Read More »

Anyone who knows about browsers?

Google chrome is fast and its got a spell checker built in the same as many other browsers apart from IE9.As for security, other browsers are secure but Google Chrome is unhackable. Thats not my op... Read More »