Anyone know why I'm missing certain channels?

Answer My best guess is that those network's digital towers aren't broadcasting strong enough to get to your TV. Or they might be having some issues with their digital tower. They might also be in the pro... Read More »

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I had a virus, got rid of it, now "screensavers" and "backgrounds" are missing. Anyone know why?

try installing the graphics driver of your graphics card again.

Anyone know of any 'hidden'sky channels, I've already got the BB one working?

"hidden" sky channels here…wildwood is on about the live feed of big bro that is on 24/7on sky go to services and add channelsthen type inFrequency : 12.48... Read More »

Does anyone know any good youtube channels or blogs for healthy recipes? Is a pretty good website for recipes. No videos but lots of simple healthy recipes.

Does anyone know how tomake ur internet work on a new laptop by going to a certain part of the house.?

Huh? Please give more details about what you're trying to do.