Anyone know where to buy cigars/online in India, indian site only?

Answer Try this site its a favourite of mine.

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Does anyone know of a site on the net where I can upload videos from my camera and get them put on a DVD?

you may already have it on your computer. Movie maker by MS Windows Movie Maker. Easy to use. Check under "all programs".

Does anyone know of the Indian websites where they provide private tuition for a minimal fees?

which subject u want to study?u dint mentioned any clear ideasorry- Jai

Does Anyone Know A Free Site Where You Can Apply Make-Up Effect To Your Pictures?

Go to… This is the place where I go to try out new looks. You can upload your own picture, then try out new make-up and hairstyles.

Anyone know where I could buy glow in the dark eyeliner and mascara from a legit site?

I was looking for the same thing and came across this site:…It has mascara of some sort, not sure if it's glow in the dark or not though, and I suppose i... Read More »