Anyone know where this original .gif was from?

Answer Its the Six Flags guy! How could you not recognize it D:Here's a youtube video with it:…

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Does anyone know where this number is from They keep calling my cell phone: (913) 489-3475?

It's the Target Admissions Support Center (TASC). They recruit for major colleges in your local area.I called them myself and said it was on my cell phone. She advised that it's an automated system... Read More »

Does anyone have the original synopsis of Barney the dinosaur ie..where he came from who found him?

His name is Diego. Yes, he is the cousin of Dora.In one of the episodes Dora says "We'll be going on an adventure with my cousin, Diego."

Does anyone know where I can find this?

There are many variations of the 'Spirit Hood" (the real thing originated in the Native American cultures, centuries ago) as one was thought to take on the traits and spirit of the animal that was ... Read More »

Does anyone know where I can purchase this comforter?

Here you go :)…