Anyone know what this could be?

Answer You are presenting real symptoms.....Possibly diabetes. Do make an appt to see your doctor soon. early diagnosis and treatment is the key to intervention. Best wishes.

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Nikon coolpix digital camera and the nikon transfer software when you plug your camera in no devices are ever found Has anyone else had this problem or know what you could do?

yes, i have the same problem. I still cant fix it but, i am using my desktop for the transfer. If i found solution i will not hasitate to inform you.

Do you know what this could be?

if you find out let me know i would like to get on in my knob.

Does anyone know what elevated muscle enzymes could mean?

Well he referred to your abnormal bloodwork results as abnormal "muscle" enzymes and not elevated cardiac muscles enzymes. He might think that you have rhabdomyolitus which is when there is destruc... Read More »

I have pain in my left eye slightly swollen anyone know what it could be?

Have you been punched in the face recently?