Anyone know what material motherboards are made of?

Answer Overall, they are made up of a lot of different composites:Motherboard - fibreglass, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, tin, copper (board and cladding and internal power/ground planes/wire traces), tin ... Read More »

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What material are bathtubs made of?

Modern bathtubs often are made from acrylic--a plastic that can be softened by heat and hardened by cooling--which is lightweight, strong and can be finished to a high gloss. Other choices of mater... Read More »

What material is the harmonica made of?

Most harmonicas are manufactured from injection molded plastic. Some of the higher ended models are made from lucite, silver or metal. Blues harp and Marine band type harmonicas are made from soft ... Read More »

What material are tires made from?

Tires are made from different types of rubber, along with special oils, carbon black, pigments, antioxidants, silica and other additives, that are added to provide the exact characteristics for the... Read More »

What material is a beer keg made of?

Brewers most commonly use stainless steel and aluminum when making modern beer kegs. They go through many tests to prevent damage, including dropping the kegs from the height of a truck bed to the ... Read More »