Anyone know this Click me to help!?

Answer There are very limited websites which are providing free website.Though they say free you feel your hands tighten as you cant change any thing as for the design which they provide. They will be men... Read More »

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ITouch help! I keep getting the "This video can't be played on this iPod" error, anyone know to deal with this?

Hey MC.Yep, you need to convert your videos. I recommend that you download the latest version, but you can try it with your current one. All you need to do is click the video and go up to the tab m... Read More »

Help! Anyone know of a dress similar to this one:)?

I think you should ID the item, i did with my favorite prom dress and got the exact one. Otherwise just manually search in ebay.

I need some help with this film, anyone know what its called?

Is that "Natural Born Killers?" (1994) ....

Can anyone help me identify this cable Don't know what it's called?

The connector is called a DB9. They were commonly used for serial ports in the days before USB. You'll want an extension cable with a DB9 male at one end and a DB9 female at the other end. The come... Read More »