Anyone know the url for the mobile version of wikipedia ?

Answer Wikipedia's official wap site is at ( is an independent project which uses a local database. Read More »

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Can anyone in Thailand access Wikipedia English version?

I dont know about wikipedia direct, but i use and you can download the toolbar and it puts a little arrow at the left of your screen which you can drag up or down to what le... Read More »

Does anyone know of any wikipedia articles that they know have false, or lack important information?

Come on you gotta have better things to do than prove Wikipedia wrong lol

Does anyone know where i can get free FULL version antivirus software?

Try It's free and it works very well. There is a Pro version but the only difference is it provides monitoring whereas the free one doesn't. We use it. It was the only thing t... Read More »

Anyone know where to buy unlocked international version Samsung Galaxy S4 - Canada?

As of this minute, it's only available through eBay, ranging from $700 and more. Amazon is only selling an unlocked version for U.S. carrier AT&T and Sprint.