Anyone know of other words that describe being "drunk"?

Answer Intoxicatedunder the influencewreckedthree sheets to the windcrunksmashedpissedstupidwhacked****-housed******-upbombedfadedblitzedtankedtotaledtipsybuzzedblasted****-facedseeing doublesloshedbashed... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to stop a cursor going back into other words please?

On my Toshiba laptop I press and hold FN which is to the left of the space key and F9 (the key to enable or disable the touchpad.) I have it disabled all the time now because I have an optical mo... Read More »

What are your favourite words for being drunk?

What are some words that end in -ing that describe sunny weather?

Words that describe babies?

Cute, princess, doll ,precious, adorable, sweet, beautiful, pretty or may be lovely