Anyone know of any easy scholarship opportunites?

Answer spread the word of what you find, to help others with their schooling also...there are tons of them; most dont know where to look or how to get them. there are government loans & grants, and there ... Read More »

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Anyone know of a free and easy dvd converter?

Does anyone know any easy crafts for pre-school children?

Paints are great - keep in contained area and use those little smocksGluing anything to paper is always fun - use buttons, popsicles sticks, shapes they cut out from paper themselves (if appropriat... Read More »

Does anyone know a good easy basic recipe?

mashed kippers, flour, milk , salt , butter mix into a pulp then make sausage shapes, lightly fry then thats it serve then sprinkle with fresh kipper scales! Enjoy your kipper dips! sent

Does anyone know an easy way to bypass the filter at the library?

geesh, don't abuse the kindness of others.. just go somewhere else where there is free interenet and do whatever you want.. If you do not have your own computer or phone that can do that, sorry! Wa... Read More »