Anyone know of any easy scholarship opportunites?

Answer spread the word of what you find, to help others with their schooling also...there are tons of them; most dont know where to look or how to get them. there are government loans & grants, and there ... Read More »

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Is it easy to get the Japanese Monbukagakusho Scholarship?

After a short review of thier web site, I would say this scholarship is difficult, but not impossible. They seem to give out quite a few each year. The web site listed under "source" has quite a ... Read More »

Is it easy to get a scholarship/ financial aid at an online high school?

It depends. Though some high schools are pretty generous with their scholarship programs and you can bag one based on your merit and financial needs. I am a student at WAC High School and here 90%... Read More »

What Opportunites for Advancement Exist for Veterinarians?

Many options exist for veterinarians to advance in the field. Once you have your veterinary degree, you can look forward to working in an established practice with opportunities to move into priva... Read More »

I want to go to Juilliard, on a scholarship. What grades in high school are needed for a scholarship!?

Juilliard's only factor in admissions is how you do in your audition. They don't actually care how you did in high school re: grades. However, many other music schools really do care about your aca... Read More »