Anyone know of a Vin decoder for 80-86 trucks?

Answer That sounds about right, it was a #4750 GVWR F100 when I started with it. I was just looking through my bookmarks and stumbled across Vinpower(,) their java decoder came up with pre... Read More »

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I need a dvd decoder!? is the best right now and it's free.

What is a dvd decoder?

A DVD decoder, sometimes just called a DVD player, is a computer program or a program plug-in that allows a computer to play commercial DVD movies. As of 2010, most computers come with a pre-instal... Read More »

What is a Directshow decoder?

Directshow decoder, also referred to as CC Decoder Filter, is a kernel-mode filter used to decode audio and video files. According to, the decoder filter is only used in Windows 2000,... Read More »

How to get 5.1 surround from ac3 decoder?

You need a proper surround receiver. It is the only way.