Anyone know how to get rid of this search gala virus?


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Anyone know a free really good anti-virus scan that will also help remove the virus?

you should try malwarebytes and look for a serial on youtube this is a really good anti virus

Is this for real Has anyone ever heard of this k17 virus supposed to be responsible for vampirism?

this is just what i think..i think if u convince your self u have something then your body and mind will believe itif someone goes to the doctors for random check ups all the time even if there is ... Read More »

Can anyone with a virus scanner, check this file (This is for my best friend who died)...?

What is the difference between Gala and Royal Gala apples?

Somebody please tell us! I just took 5 bong hits and I really want to know. This apple is a Gala, but I'm not really digging it. Maybe I should have gotten the Royal?