Anyone know how to get rid of this search gala virus?


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What is the difference between Gala and Royal Gala apples?

Somebody please tell us! I just took 5 bong hits and I really want to know. This apple is a Gala, but I'm not really digging it. Maybe I should have gotten the Royal?

Get Rid of My Web Search Virus!!! Plz Help!?

First, uninstall the My Web Search option using RevoUninstaller:…It's faster and better than add / remove applet.When you run it highlight the item then se... Read More »

Is AVG search engine a virus?

Its not a virus. Its just a search option that gets added to search within the web browsers search engine boxes.You can remove it by going to the top right corner of firefox.Click on the drop down ... Read More »

A Virus Won't Let Me Search in Google?

Computer viruses and Trojans are in a constant state of evolution, each one becoming stronger and more difficult to remove than the last. Some of the more malicious bits of software can mimic virus... Read More »