Anyone know how to get into someone's facebook account without knowing their password plz help its important!?

Answer What your wanting to do IS Illegal!You should NEVER try to get into someones account (not even your boyfriend, husbands, or anyone's accounts) without their permission!The only way your going to be... Read More »

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Is it possible to enter someone's Facebook account, without knowing or changing the password?

1. Make sure you didn't actually stay logged in on someone else's device.2. Make sure that if you click "save password" on your computer/laptop that nobody has access to it. When you save your pass... Read More »

What happens to someones facebook account when they die?

I imagine their status updates wouldn't be quite as frequent.

Any way I can read facebook messages without knowing the password ?

How to Get a Facebook Account Without Your Parents Knowing?

If you really want to get a Facebook account without your parents knowing? Read this!