Anyone know how to clear the search history of Google and Yahoo etc.?

Answer On Google, hit Control-Shift-Delete, or go to "Tools" on the top toolbar and click on "clear private data". I'd imagine Yahoo is similar.

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In "YAHOO" search, how do I clear recent search history. Again, in "YAHOO" how do I clear it?

If you want to remove all the entries in your search history right now, but you still want Yahoo! Toolbar to remember your searches in the future, do the following: Click on the Pencil menu Select ... Read More »

Does anyone know how to clear the history in Google I want to do some research for my husband for his xmas?

If you start by clicking on your start button then click on your control panel. This should show Internet Options as an Icon or in the listings open this on the General Page you can then Delete Int... Read More »

How do I clear Yahoo search bar history?

Select "Settings" and "Clear Recent Searches" to remove the Yahoo Toolbar search history. The search bar will continue to record future searches but the exercise will clear all past searches. To di... Read More »

How to Clear Yahoo! Web Search History From an Apple Mac?

Web searches that you perform in the Yahoo! search engine become a part of your history. This means that when you begin typing in the Yahoo! search bar, your previous searches may appear as an opt... Read More »