Anyone know how to access the BIOS on an old HP Brio running indows 98?

Answer On some motherboards there is a password jumper and a cmos jumper find a friendly tech and ask or take a picture of the inside of the computer and post that , some one will be able to point out the... Read More »

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CPU running hot in BIOS (new build)?

Yeah, that's an acceptable temperature for a CPU and is pretty common. Anything in the high 80's or 90's (celcius) then I'd start to get worried.

How do I access the BIOS in Win Me?

Keyboard CommandDetermine the keyboard command that will allow access to your computer's BIOS. The correct key to press varies by motherboard manufacturer or computer vendor, not your version of Wi... Read More »

How do I access bios on an HP laptop?

RebootClick the "Start" button in the left hand corner (for Windows Vista or Windows 7, click the "Shut Down" icon in the taskbar in the left hand corner). When the window opens up asking if you wa... Read More »

How do I access an iPod in BIOS?

Restart the iPodPress and hold the "Menu" button for 15 seconds to restart the iPod. Click "Rewind" and "Select" at the same time when the unit begins to restart. Press the "Fast Forward" to roll t... Read More »