Anyone know any websites where I can download the songs from Thomas The Tank Engine?

Answer I've bear shared it for you (and scanned it for nasties) and posted it to my webspace for your easy download, as an Mp3 File, here:…You may have to click "... Read More »

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Who did the voice of Thomas in Thomas the tank engine?

Where can you watch thomas the tank engine?

This show is playing on PBS Kids Sprout (especially on On Demand), and regular PBS Kids.

How does thomas the tank engine do it's animation?

They used to film the show using real model trains, but now (as of season 12), they use computer animation (CGI)

When did thomas the tank engine start?

While many people say he is a duck, Big Bird from Sesame Street is believed to be a giant canary. However, in one episode he makes a reference to being a condor. In another, he said he was a lark.