Anyone know any natural cures for depression that acutally work?

Answer Coffee,exercise.

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Does anyone know any good natural migraine cures?

As a cert. nutritionist I look at my clients’ diet, lifestyle and try to find out what their body is lacking. We like to "fix the cracks in their foundation with what their foundation is made up... Read More »

Does anyone know of any natural remedies for depression?

They say St. Johns Wort which is a plant taken in pill form and available at any natural food store, drug store in the vitamin section or grocery store. However, before taking any medications, even... Read More »

Has anyone tried homeopathic cures for depression?

Yes. I was treated with Homeopathic remedies for almost the same symptoms that you have given in your question. I had the feeling of worthlessness and clinical suicidal depression. I read an answer... Read More »

Does anyone here believe in natural health cures/remedies Why or why not?

i very much believe in healing the body as a whole and resolving a persons ailments from the source and not simply bandaiding the symptoms with prescription and over the counter medications ......... Read More »