Anyone know any great websites?

Answer There's a link on the website that I thought was fun. You can prank call someone through your PC. It will say whatever you type. It's fun to do to co-workers that are in earshot because y... Read More »

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Does anyone know any German Torrenting Websites?

You don't need to use a german torrent site to get movies in german. I would recommend for most everything because it's so reliable. It's a Swedish site but has many language option... Read More »

Anyone know any good websites to get ink cartridges cheaper?

Be very careful with these sites, I've bought re-filled cartridges from three of the sites mentioned above and EVERY time they didn't work. One place gave me back my money, but two others simply i... Read More »

Does anyone know any websites for pen drives/memory sticks?

Click on history in your browser the site will be there...

I'm bored at work. Anyone know any websites that'll put a smile on my face?

how about these………… http://w... Read More »