Anyone know any cheap electronics suppliers?

Answer Dave in the Frog and Parrot in Sheffield

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Anyone know where to get a Nikon D90 for cheap?

Sarah, I understand your 15 and have your life planed out for you. You have asked about what jobs can a 15 yr old can get. You have a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T900 now and love it. You want a Nikon D90... Read More »

Do anyone know where can I get a camcorder for cheap?

I found one really cheap at a yard sale. But, Ebay, Craig's list and Pawn Shops are good options. My main camera is from Ebay, and I know shopping for an upgrade. The key is to research and know wh... Read More »

Anyone know anywhere I can buy a CHEAP 17" or 19" pc monitor?

Anyone know good cheap accommodation on Santorini?

Thira (and Oia) tend to be a bit expensive for anywhere overlooking the Caldera but there are cheaper places down the hill from the clifftop. Best thing to do is check out tripadvisor or Read More »